Presentations and posters

We invite participants to share new findings on the biology, management or conservation of intact or degraded coral reefs, mesophotic communities, seagrass beds and mangroves during a talk or poster. To submit a talk or poster, please send an email containing the following information to [email protected]:  

•Your name and title,
•the name of your institution,
•title of your presentation,
•whether you plan to give a talk or poster presentation,
•abstract (max. 200 words) and
•any other information you think might be useful to contribute to making this a productive symposium.

Speakers will have 10-15 minutes to present (depending on the total number of entrees) including 3-5 minutes to answer questions. It is also possible to pitch a new research project or initiative during a 5 minute pitch. There are no strict rules for posters, poster sessions will take place throughout the day. If you are interested in giving any other type of presentation, please contact Marlous Heemstra or Alwin Hylkema via [email protected]