ThermaEQ: Equine Healthcare of the Future


To develop a thermal imaging stable camera to aid in the promotion of welfare for horses and disease control. In order to further promote welfare, the company will work alongside the charity World Horse Welfare through providing donations.


To support and educate the equine sector with regards to disease control and equine welfare to aid in creating a more controlled environment with regards to equine health.


Our target group is people aged between 25 and 50 years old. This is our target group as conducted market research suggested that people within this age group are more likely to be interested in similar technology, and have more knowledge with regards to equine health moniteration and disease control. Our product will be initially distributed withing the Netherlands, as according to the FEI there are 450,000 horses, half a million riders and over 3,000 equestrian centres.

Value Proposition

The product sold by ThermaEQ is an innovative device which is new to the equine sector. Through the use of this device, stables and large competition grounds will be better able to monitor horses and aid in early detection and prevention of disease. Through early detection, it is possible to limit the spread of diseases in its early stages, aiding to prevent incidents as was seen in Valencia (Spain) due to EHV-1.

Product description

The product in question is an easy-to-use thermal imaging device. The device can be either mounted above the box for individual moniteration, or in a wash place/hallway for simple temperature checks. The device can be controlled via a mobile application. Within the application, it is possible to monitor each camera individually, as well as build a profile for each horse monitored to keep track of their temperatures.

Description of the business members

ThermaEQ was set up by three key members: Amanda Edwards, Josika Gupta and Patwant Dhindsa.

However, Amanda Edwards and Patwant Dhindsa will share the roles and responsibilities of co-CEOs. Company shares will be split evenly according to the two CEOs.

Both members of the company are currently studying Animal Husbandry at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences.