About Sustainable Bonus Card

Our company is called SBC (The Sustainable Bonus Card). We are aiming for a more sustainable future by offering a loyalty card to customers and consumers from within different sectors. Starting with a bonus card to use in supermarkets for sustainable products, the goal for the future is to be able to use The Sustainable Bonus Card in other retail sectors as well. Sustainable clothing brands like Patagonia or Attire and sustainable jewellery companies like Holzkern Watches are just some examples of possible future cooperations. Also, government related cooperations could be implemented. For instance, price reductions on train tickets to promote travelling by train instead of by car or price reductions when changing to a renewable energy provider could further reduce the amount of carbon set free and thereby help our planet.

Product description

The Sustainable Bonus card is like any other conventional loyalty card we know. The difference of the Sustainable Bonus Card is that customers only receive discounts for products with a relatively low carbon footprint like sustainable grown products, fresh and unprocessed foods, locally produced goods and non-animal products.

Member describtion

The company members Anna van Koesveld, Vanessa Schielke, Bart Braam, Raf Marcus and Patrick Frühwein are all currently International Development Management students with a major in Sustainable Value Chains. Their goal as students and company founders is to get their innovation implemented on a nation-wide retailer range to achieve the largest positive impact on environmental, socio-cultural and economic issues that currently occur in food value and supply chains. Their vision for the future is a wide acceptance of their innovation not only by food retailers, but by all kinds of companies selling products from clothes over furniture to electronic goods.