Greentrepreneur 2021

The VHL business fair and innovation market for sustainable innovations

Greentrepreneur 2021 was held on June 18th and students of the study programmes Animal Husbandry, Food Technology, International Business in Food and Flowers, International Development Management as well as Management of the Living Environment presented thei innovative ideas.

Students from the first and second year participated in the businessfair and innovation market and did a fantastic job in pitching their ideas. There were several awards presented to the students which can be found underneath. Feel free to browse around the businessfair and if you have questions contact the students directly. For general questions please contact Karen Tuason.

Business fair awards

Place/award Sustainability RaboBank Social Media Audience
1 Sustainable Bonus Card ThermaEQ Humanimals Spursly
2 New BEEginning Sider New BEEginning  
3 BKB Hemp & Herb Willa App  

Innovation market awards

place/award Innovation Moinesti and Audience
1 Common ground Domestic Abuse Shelter
2 Lucacesti Campsite  
3 Pata Verde  

This business fair is powered by the European Union and the European Fund for reginoal development (EFRO).