Spursly - The changeable spurs

Spursly is a new company in the equine industry. The company has developed an innovative product which is designed to save time, money, and the environment by providing one spur with changeable ends.

Spursly believes in quality by producing its spurs from stainless steel. This material is chosen because of its features: environmentally friendly (recyclable); strong material which will not break & is long lasting; corrosion resistant; easy formability; and attractive appearance. Innovative technology of Spursly saves time of their customers by easily screwing in and out the desired loose ends. This is very convenient for riders who use different types of spurs during the day, or for riders who want to experiment with different kind of spurs!

This innovative idea was born to provide customers with only one pair of spurs, because it is better for the environment and will save customers’ money.

Spursly is looking forward to launching the website and start partnering with equine stores like Epplejeck, Divoza and Agradi. Spursly would like to invite you to start discovering our spurs with different ends and start training your horses in an easier way

Spursly – Spurs with changeable ends

The Spursly spur is produced to change the ends easily by a screwing system. The spurs are made of stainless steel, which is long-lasting material and is allowed on competitions. A standard package will include one pair of spurs with three loose ends.

Meet the team!

Spursly is founded by five girls, who all have a passion for horses. Each entrepreneur has her own function within the business.

Emma will be the sales manager in the business and the contact person. For any questions, she will be the person to go to.

Puck will oversee the product quality in the business. She will make sure that the produced spurs will be of ultimate quality.

Maria is occupied with the marketing of Spursly. She is responsible for our Instagram and Facebook pages and advertising.

Roselijn is responsible for the financial part of the business. She manages the ins and outcoming cash flows.

Lisa is managing the production process. She will make sure that runs smoothly.