About Humanimals

Today, over 16,500 plant & animal species are threatened with extinction (Endangered Earth, 2021). Humans and animals have been on a critical path for a while due to a serious decline of natural habitats worldwide, caused by deforestation, city expansions, Illegal hunting activities and the changing climate. All leading to competing claims of land being used for either human or animal activities creating disharmony between the two. Putting, not only the lives of the animals at risk in human populated areas, but also the lives of people.

We, at Humanimals, believe we have created part of the solution. Our App aims to create harmony between humans and wildlife by educating people about wildlife in their area and tracking animals to help the users identify the correct species they observe thanks to useful guides. We do this together with our partners who have provided us with fundamental collaborations proving Humanimals is there to make an impact.

Our contribution to the SDGs is highlighted by the impact we make in protecting and conserving wildlife where it matters most. We believe strongly in what Steve Irwin, a wildlife activist at heart once said, ``If we save our wild places, we will ultimately save ourselves.’’

Product description

Humanimals, a wildlife tracking app which aims to create harmony between humans and wildlife.

It is an innovative app that provides reliable data for partner organisations to protect wildlife and their natural habitat. Furthermore, it provides education to communities, schools and tourists. Everyone can contribute to wildife conservation and protection.

Meet our awesome team

The Humanimals team has a passion for wildlife and conserving nature. We all understand that protecting wildlife is essential to a sustainable future for the planet as this is where it matters most.

Leah Menting is our Co-founder as well as the Social Media Manager. Thomas van der Swaluw is the other Co-founder but also manages communication and liaison. Cato Bijlmakers, is our Sustainability Manager and big-time Nature Lover. Operations & educational programs are managed by Lena Gildemeister! Last but definitely not least; Hedwig Bartels Human Resource Manager and Facilitation Expert. Together we make a fun and enthusiastic team.