We offer you a new beeginning!

Imagine living in a village in Kenya. You are a farmer, your life as well as the lives of your family dependent on agriculture. When the year is good, you are not worried about food. But one day, the sky turns black.  Millions of locusts, land on your field and devour all your crops. Every year, more and more locusts arise.

Years later, a humanitarian worker steps on your doorstep, offering a new BEEginning to fight locusts at the source. You get a little confused when the worker starts talking about bees; How can a bee resolve the problem of locust infestations?!

But bees can, bees can detect smells of locust eggs in the ground, who now remain untraceable. Our social enterprise, a new BEEginning, will train local organisation and local beekeepers, on how to train bees.

Mission: New BEEginning’s mission is to prevent future locust disasters with sustainable methods. Ans thus, secure livelihoods of local people. 

Vision: We envision a balanced ecosystem, where locusts improve the ecosystem’s biodiversity instead of destroying and where there are no massive locust infestations.

Our bee-autiful training!

Our product is a training, meant for local organisations and beekeepers. The training focusses on how to train bees to detect the smell of locust eggs. The bees will be trained to follow the smell of locust eggs. When the eggs are found, they can be sustainably removed.

Meet the beehive!

Laurie van Haren, Dutch queen bee responsible for the innovation in general while regulating internal development.

Eva Koschmann, Swiss queen bee responsible for external communications and finding new partners to join the new BEEginning.

David Hagenaars, Technical bee from the Netherlands, responsible for the technical and sustainable development.

Sarah Bouwense , Social bee from Curaçao, responsible for brand awareness, marketing, social media platforms, events, and overall promotion of the innovation.