About The Common Ground

The assignment was to come up with an innovative idea that would improve the livelihoods of the people in Gazarie. Gazarie is a neighbourhood of Moinesti, which is a municipality located in the county of Bacau in eastern Romania. To come up with the innovative idea we had to do an internal and external analysis of the area using tools like the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework, the PESTEC analysis, SWOT analysis, TEES-test, Org-, Soft- and Hardware analysis and semi-structured interviews. The Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible for us to travel to Romania ourselves. For that reason, we had the help of a Romanian student from Bacau University. She conducted and transcribed the interviews she held with local families for us and made a village map, while we did the online work. To earn more insights on the local context we also conducted online interviews with people from the townhall of Moinesti and with a representative of a local NGO. With the results from the tools and interviews we came up with an innovative idea that fits the needs of the residents of Gazarie.

Our innovation

Our innovation is a playground, but it’s also much more than that – it’s the Common Ground – an intergenerational meeting point for people of all ages from Gazarie. It includes sport facilities, which are especially suited for pensioners and picknick tables equipped with roofs to be used by the whole family.

About us

We are “El Dasinaro”: Elena, Daniël, Sil, Naomi and Rosa and we work together as a team just as smoothly as the first two letters of our names sound together. We all study International Development Management in the first year and had the pleasure of working together with Bianca – an English and French student from Bacau university, Romania. She was the one who conducted the interviews with households, discovered the neighborhood and experienced Romania for us. All together, we’d like to welcome you to our virtual stand at the Innovation Fair 2021! See you there!