About the Domestic Abuse Shelter

Over these past few weeks, our team has participated in an online field trip to Moinesti. During this time, we researched the livelihoods of the local community living in Lunca, Romania. We tried to find out how they cope with existing vulnerabilities and how public authorities, civil society organizations and the private sector influence their livelihoods. We collaborated with Romanian students from the University of Bacau, and together we held interviews with households and other stakeholders to gain a good understanding of the challenges they face. We then brainstormed on possible innovative ideas to support the community into improving their livelihoods. After settling on our idea, we presented it to the Romanian stakeholders to create an opportunity for them to give and for us to receive feedback. This feedback has been incorporated into the final innovation, which we are excited to present to you!

Project description

Our Innovation for the Lunca region in Moinesti is a Domestic Abuse Shelter for women that have to leave their homes because of domestic abuse. It is a place for security and to breath so these women can take the next steps in their road to a better life. The initiative will be closely connected to the police, municipality, church and NGO.

About the team

Our team consists out of five students from the University of Applied Sciences, Van Hall Larenstein. Pim Welvaarts, Geke van Engelenhoven, Inge van der Burgh, Kirsi van Scheijndel and Sophie Visser. All are first year International Development Management students and were closely involved in the development of this innovation. They were magnificently assisted by a student from the University of Bacau, Radu Ciobanu and his sister Maria Ciobanu. They helped collecting the data to come up with this innovation proposal and were therefore of indispensable value.

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