KIEMIE is a company that brings vertical farming to the consumer, by attracting customers to our bus with our bright and colorful LED lights. In the bus we will grow microgreens, herbs and other baby veggies. These are sold, given away as sample, or used in various recipes for smoothies, sandwiches, salads or soups. By demonstrating how easy it is to grow indoor, we convince customers to grow with us, whether or not they have access to a garden of balcony. The racks will be sold with a low profit margin and customers can opt for a subscription that provides them with seeds, hempfibre mats and information. The mats remove the pain of cleaning and storing soil and make it even cheaper. We guide our customers through a smartphone app, which allows them to gain full control over the automation of the rack such as lighting, colors, dimmer, timer and irrigation. Through the app, growers can also share tips and suggestions. KIEMIE racks come in different sizes that are easy to expand by mounting upgrades in a stackable system. Customers can choose to grow microgreens in trays on one shelf, while hydroponically grow herbs and lettuces on the other.

Product description

Kiemie rack is an innovative modular and automated growing rack which come in different sizes to suit your needs. With Kiemie rack you make use of the vertical space of your home to grow delicious microgreens. Lighting, irrigation and style of the racks can be fully personalized.

Meet the team

Dirk Jakob Bruining

Graduated from Water and Environment. Within KIEMIE Dirk Jakob designs the drip water irrigation system supplying the microgreens with water.

Dennis Brata Coolen

As a software engineer within KIEMIE Dennis specializes in designing and maintaining the website and mobile app for KIEMIE.

Lorenzo Romani

He will be the driver of the bus and will deliver the product, help customers to make the best choice.

Maurice Drenth

Together with family and friends he experimented with different growing systems using minimal space.

Pim Maters

He works in Customer Relations & PR at KIEMIE. Bus driver together with Lorenzo.