Ajabu – The Miracle Social Enterprise

Ajabu is the Swahili word for Miracle and this is what Ajabu stands for. Our social enterprise works to achieve the best for the people and the planet in the most sustainable way.

Mission: Ajabu’s mission is to provide nutritious snacks to the Tanzanian population through food production that empowers small-scale women farmers, strengthens the local economy and reduces food as well as plastic waste.

Vision: We envision a healthy and fair society with equal opportunities in a clean environment to assure a sustainably developed Tanzania.

Ajabu believes in a better future and contributes to it by offering healthy crackers packed in a glass jar and powdered packages for NGOs. Ingredients are sourced and processed locally in Tanzania. Our tasty snacks are made of 50% protein-rich cassava and grains, the other half contains vegetable surpluses from local markets. Fermentation increases the nutrient-content and the jar can further be used at home. An added information sheet educates about the right diet and gives instructions about beneficial food processing. The long-shelf life of our crackers offers a great solution for nutritional programmes of NGOs and fits the consumers’ living circumstances.
For all these reasons our affordable miracle snacks truly deserve their name!

Ajabu Snacks

We offer socially produced crackers and food powder packages. The snacks are sustainable and nutrient-rich, made from fermented food waste and fresh produce, packed in a glass jar for safe fermentation at home. Ajabu Snacks tackle various SDGs and help to snack this planet to a better place!

Ajabu Team

Jennice Radant, Sustainability Ambassador from Germany has worked for businesses worldwide in sustainable tropical agriculture with smallholder farmers. 

Luc van Casand, Secretary has experience in the food and hospitality sector, as well as development projects regarding circular economy and recycling.

Valentina Riedl, Graphic Designer from Austria has worked for NGOs across Africa and has knowledge about IT-design, rural development and women empowerment. 

Henrik Scharton, Social-Media Manager has worked for an NGO internationally and had a position as a project coordinator.

Gabriel Fischer, Communicator from Germany and has experience in value chain management through an internship in the Philippines and psychological theories.