The beauty industry is constantly growing, with consumers seeking the most suitable products to have their dream skin. However, consumers are realizing the impact of this industry on the environment. As a result, companies are looking into solutions to become more sustainable. Ousia has found the perfect solution to be an eco-friendly, but still high-quality skincare brand, by using waste flowers to produce essences for skincare products.

Product description

This product is made to reduce waste production in the tulip industry, this is done by producing a natural face moisturizer with tulip extract that fights against flower waste and offers a more sustainable way to take care of consumers' skin. This product is produced from high-quality raw materials, which creates a trustworthy product for consumers. The raw materials for the tulip essence are collected from the withering flowers of the Keukenhof festival and other flower auctions, which contribute to sustainable production. 

Finally, the natural ingredients and no added harsh chemicals create a clean-label product that is preferable to consumers with sensitive skin.

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