Limu Sunscreen

Protect your Skin and the Ocean with this Seaweed Lotion!


About Our Social Enterprise

Coral reefs are among the most biologically productive & supportive ecosystems in the world. They represent hotspots of marine biodiversity, directly sustain half a billion people for food, income, and protection and the rest of the world for climate regulation and oxygen. However, the chemical compounds in the sunscreens that we use cause the rapid and complete bleaching of corals, even at low concentrations. If coral bleaching would continue at its current rate, marine organisms would cease to exist and the livelihoods of many people would be destroyed – predominantly in developing countries.

This is where Limu Sunscreen comes in. Our passions and goals are to protect the oceans, marine life, and to support farmer livelihoods. How do we achieve this goal? With our seaweed sunscreen! Firstly, Limu’s natural-based sunscreen does not harm the marine environment and secondly, our seaweed is sourced from Zeewar in the Netherlands and farmer cooperatives in Morocco. We pay a premium to the seaweed farmers, and contribute our profits to building and improving their communities’ infrastructure as well as to raise awareness about marine conservation. 

To buy and to use sustainably, is to protect the people and the planet!

Our Product

Limu Sunscreen is made out of seaweed - cream and packaging! The active ingredients are kelp and non-nano zinc oxide (the most effective & reef-friendly ingredient!) complimented by organic oils and shea butter for easy application and scent. Our product is 100% biodegradeable and as natural as it can get! 

The Limu Team

Zoe has all things ocean in her heart. She is the Founder & CEO of Limu and brings so much energy to the team!

Dédé has a passion for creating environmentally-friendly products. She is the Quality Manager, even making our cream prototype! 

Maren is our Marketing and Sales Head. She combines sustainability and business aspects – it’s her specialty!

Hannah is all about the environment and the farmer – bringing them together in Partnerships & Communication. She also designed our final product!

Jolein has it all – creativity and smarts! She created and manages our social media, website and is our official Accountant.