My name is Wouter Meuleman and I am the founder of Pro-Ice. When losing weight, I was always disturbed from not being able to enjoy greasy snacks, because they just could not be implemented into my diet. Cravings started to occur towards these unhealthy snacks, which made it hard for me to preserve a healthier lifestyle. That’s why I founded Pro-Ice, with the vision to let consumers enjoy the taste of these unhealthier snacks, while maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Pro-Ice produces vegetarian low-calorie ice cream that consists of fast digesting dairy proteins and from vitamins of fresh fruits. The combination of having these dairy proteins and fresh vitamins allows our body to take up most of these proteins, which stimulates muscle recovery and muscle growth. In addition, the ice cream is low in calories and vegetarian, which makes it convenient for most target groups. The combination if these four aspects make the ice cream a very healthy alternative from normal ice cream and therefore, applicable for athletes and the regular ice cream consumer. The mission of Pro-Ice is to produce delicious, low-calorie, vegetarian protein ice cream that are high in micronutrients to support a healthy lifestyle.  

Product description

Pro-Ice is a fruit-based ice cream which is vegetarian, low-calorie and high in proteins. The ice cream being so low in calories and high in nutrients, allows you, as a consumer, to consume this ice cream guilt free, while getting in the appropriate daily nutrients like vitamins and proteins that your body needs.  

Business members description

Pro-Ice is a sole proprietorship which is founded by Wouter Meuleman on the 30th of March in 2022.