Dier- en Veehouderij

(Animal Husbandry)

De start van je opleiding

WELCOME to your new study, Animal Husbandry!

The official academic year starts on Monday, September 2.

You all are expected to attend the mandatory Orientation Days on September 2nd and 3rd

On Monday, September 2nd you will meet fellow students, your mentors, and get to know many different and useful features of the university and your study program.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

10:00                     Register (lecture room D002)

10:15                     General Introduction (lecture room D002)

11:00                     Speed Dating with 3rd years (lecture rooms D007 & D009)           

12.30                     School picture (for your student card) (room A005)

13:00                     Meet mentors and have lunch (lecture room C309)

Lunch will be provided.

In addition, you will get a schedule plus other information in a booklet that will help you get through the first week, and year at VHL. Around 16:00, you will have finished your first day at VHL. 

You will have your first lectures from Tuesday till Thursday and on Friday, September 6th , we have an excursion planned with AH staff.  Bring your own lunch for this day. Meet at 09:00 AM at the front of the building. We expect to be back by 16:00 PM.

If you still have questions or need clarifications, please contact Sandra Iwaarden (sandra.vaniwaarden@hvhl.nl) or Reena Bakker-Dhaliwal (reena.bakker@hvhl.nl).