Partners of the International Network Equine Science

Founded in 2013 through five original partners, the International Network Equine Science has the goal to enable students of equine science to open up new perspectives through intensive exchange and use synergies through intensive exchange with one another. The network consisting currently of seven universities is meeting once a year to give students and supervisors the opportunity to exchange and discuss their recent work and also spread this knowledge to the general public.

Theoretical & practical workshops

On the 22nd of October the theoretical and practical workshops will be part of the meeting. Here you will soon find the description of all theoretical workshops including some information about the workshops experts. Next to that we will also introduce the technologies that we will work with in the practical workshops.

Theoretical workshops
Descriptions coming soon

Practical workshops
Descriptions coming soon

The afternoon of the first meeting day will take place at Hans Hendriks from Hendriks Sporthorses who was nice enough to supply us with a beautiful and professional accommodation.

Network Dinner

In the evening of the 22nd of October (directly after the practical workshops) we will enjoy a communal networking dinner at this special location. The buffet including schnitzel, meatballs, satésticks, vegetarian alternative, fries, baked potatoes, salad, bread and herbal butter as well as three drinks (beer, wine or soda) needs to be booked by the participants together with the registration for the day and will be held in the stable.