Sheep-I Technology for live

Sheep-I is an company who produces a sensor that is detecting a sheep stuck on their back.

Our vision is to improve animal welfare, and life quality of sheep. Furthermore, reduce labour in sheep farming.

Our goal is to create sustainable products with a notification system for the sheep industry.

Additionally, the aim is to make our products affordable and of high quality, so farmers can save money. By early detection of an animal upside down with the use of our products, the farmer can save his animals. Moreover, high costs can be reduced due to good claw health and monitoring sheep behaviour.


Our mission is to introduce technology which allow farmers to save life of sheep that cannot roll over themselves, to detect lameness and to reduce labour of farmer.  To achieve the mission, a bracelet that can be attached to the leg of the sheep has been developed.

In terms of the sustainable development goals, Sheep-I focussed on goal 7; clean energy. Goal 9; industry, innovation and infrastructure. Goal 12; responsible consumption and production and goal 13; climate action.

We are currently focused entirely on the Dutch market. However, we hope to grow into the worldwide market in the future.

Product description

Sheep-I is a bracelet which is attached to the leg of a sheep. When a sheep is stuck on his back, the farmer receives a notification with the location of the sheep. Furthermore, additional features are added such as a lameness sensor and a sheep counter.

Our Team

Our team comprises of five Van Hall Larenstein, Velp, second-year Applied Animal Science students. We started the company and designed the products together throughout this project, therefore we are all partners and equal shareholders in Sheep-I.

Alexandra Pahl

Age: 24

From: Germany

Strengths: Professional, diplomatic, considerate and calm

Esmee Willemsen

Age: 22

From: Wehl, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Strengths: Friendly, personal and direct, diplomatic, convincing, and inquisitive

Gerlis Pena

Age: 22

From: Venezuela

Strengths: Comprehensible, logical, calm, collected, observant and willing listener

Lysanne Leistra

Age: 20

From: Wirdum, Friesland, The Netherlands

Strengths: Warm-hearted, charming, easy going, tolerant, positive and inviting

Maud ten Vaarwerk

Age: 20

From: Zelhem, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Strengths: Diplomatic and discrete, objective and logical, Calm