ProSup – Supplement pods

ProSup is a nutritional company, which provides supplement pods. Our pods contain 10 ml of the liquid supplement linseed oil. This is sheathed with a gelatine capsule that will be enriched with a flavour and scent. This sheet is added to make the pods more appealing to the horses. 


ProSup wants to provide multiple supplements in pods made from gelatine. When manufacturing these pods, only a fair production process will be tolerated. Together with good customer service and collaborating with other companies, it is expected that ‘ProSup’ could grow to great heights and assist all customers that seek support for their horses. 


ProSup wants to find a way to add liquid supplements to a horse’s diet in an easy, clean and accurate way. The pods that contain the supplements should be an addition to the horses’ ration as well. These prospects should be reached with a production that is sustainable and high in quality. 

Product description 

Supplement pods are gelatine pods filled with a certain amount of liquid supplement that horses can chew into to release the supplement. The gelatine is provided with an alluring taste and scent. This product ensures accurately feeding of the required quantity of supplements and handles the supplements without making a mess.  

Meet the team 

ProSup is owned by Lynette Bruins. Karlijn Frauenfelder, Kellin Korevaar, and Marissa Schrauwen, are the outside advisers of the company. All members are currently studying Equine, Sports and Business (Animal Husbandry) at Van Hall Larenstein in Velp (Gelderland). 

Want to know more about ProSup and what we stand for, contact us. 

Lynette Bruins