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Company Description

Our company shares the philosophy that life is about experiences and social interactions where one can learn and benefit from each other. We strive to provide travelers with adventurous, exciting and authentic experiences that create more consciousness about other cultures, and their knowledge about their immediate environment, leaving one with memories that won’t be forgotten. Our ecological and social values are very important to us. Therefore, with "Get Locals" we want to offer small, private and local tourism providers an uncomplicated and rewarding access to a platform with which they can reach more tourists looking for unique and sustainable experiences. Activity providers are charged a small fee of 0.30€, per activity offered, while GetLocal's main revenue is derived from a fee of 7% on the value of the activity offered, paid by the consumer in a transparent way. With our work, we are contributing to SDG 8, by creating more decent work and economic growth, as well as to SDG 13 - climate action, by creating more awareness on climate change through the activities offered on our website.  

Product (Service) Description

Our service, provided on our website, offers travelers the opportunity to experience authentic tourism activities, in Colombia. Prices are fair and transparent, with the ambition to provide the local activity provider with the opportunity to be economically self-sufficient. Activities may range from aromatic coffee tastings, - to romantic boot tours on the Amazonas, - to cooking classes of local Colombian cuisine. 

Member Description 

Elena (Founder): I am passionate about slow travelling and with GetLocal I want to bring together travellers and local guides to create authentic and exciting experiences! 

Rosa (Web Designer):  With a creative mind and passion for conscious living within limits and opportunities that nature offers I’m proudly part of GetLocal. 

Sil (Marketing): I love travelling and think GetLocal is one of the nicest ways to find unique travel options. I make sure we reach new customers and providers to enable our platform to grow and offer even more authentic activities. 

Lorenzo (Finance and Development): As a lover of nature, culture and tourism, even without the numbers of the financial plan, I think GetLocal has a great potential to succeed all over the world. 

Luisa (Communication): I am very excited about my involvement in the development of GetLocal. I am confident that this innovative idea has the potential to create great value! 

Contact Info

“We look forward to getting in contact with you!” 

Contact Person: Luisa Weber  
Email Contact Person: [email protected] 
Tel. Contact Person: +33 7 69 98 12 07  

Email Company: [email protected] (fictitious) 
Instagram: @get.local.official