Food for Thought

One-third of the world´s food is being lost or wasted! To tackle this problem, we created Food for Thought, an app that supports people to reduce and reuse their food waste at home. The app presents several features: The main aspect which makes Food for Thought stand out is the cultivation guide it provides to users. With help of the app, people can grow food from their own food waste at home. Furthermore, there is a platform for users to connect with each other and share their experiences. The app also provides a personalized shopping list based on the food you already have at home. Finally, users can access a guide for proper storage of their food in order to prevent food waste. 

Our Product

Food for Thought is an app that helps people, especially students and recent graduates, to reduce and reuse their food waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle.



Meet the Team!

Joost van Kampen - Idea generator and expert in vegetable jokes 

Miriam Westphal - Coordinator and vegetable lover 

Pim Welvaarts - Secretary with a green thumb 

Franziska Claus - App designer and coffee drinker 

Arne Jobse - Financial expert and hobby gardener


Any Questions? Get in Touch!

Contact Person:   Miriam Westphal 

Email:                     [email protected] 

Phone:                   +4915775351311 

Instagram:             foodforthought_nl