Eco Nutrition

Located in western part of India, Eco nutrition is a B2B company, that breeds black soldier fly larvae on food waste collected from hotels and restaurants in Mumbai. By using predominantly wasted by-products as our raw materials, our production system significantly reduces the burden on planet’s resources and at the same time decreases environmental impact of landfills. We convert food waste into two sustainable products including: an alternative protein for use in poultry feed and an organic soil enhancer.  

Our team uses indoor vertical farming facility with insect breeding, production and processing technology to produce Eco protein and Eco fertilizer. The insects can turn low-grade food waste into body mass quickly and sustainably. They need very little room to grow, making for a far smaller carbon footprint than alternative sources of protein.  

We are a team of young passionate agribusiness entrepreneurs on a mission to close the loop of food waste by making it circulate in the food chain. Our mission is to upcycle organic waste to manufacture and market high quality, sustainable insect-based feed ingredients for animals and fertilizer for agriculture in India.  

We are committed to solving the problems of the present keeping in mind the needs of the future. 

Product description

Eco protein is whole, dried Black Soldier Fly larvae that is full of nutrients. It is high in protein and fat content, which reinforces its use in poultry feed formulations. 

Eco fertilizer is a great natural fertilizer and with its excellent microbial properties, helps restore soil health and boosts nutritional uptake in plants and crops. 

Meet our Team

Eco nutrition has a strong and driven team, the team members are Helen Conesa Bernat, Tanushree Brahnmankar, Shrenik Bora, Yashowardhan Sapkal and Swapnil Baste are International Agribusiness students.   

The team members have a common goal of starting a company with positive and sustainable impact on food systems and environment. As a team we focus on delivering high quality products and service to keep our clients satisfied. All the roles in the company have been assigned according to skills and interest of team members. Helen serves as sustainability manager, Swapnil is production manager, Tanushree and Yashowardhan are responsible for marketing and sales and Shrenik is our finance manager.