Clothes Up

Company description 

The production and transport of your clothing uses a huge amount of water and CO2. This is damaging for our planet. Clothes up aims to change the future of the fashion industry. A transformation from a fast fashion to a slow and sustainable one can help safe our planet. This is done in collaboration with secondhand clothing stores and sustainable fashion brands. The customer can create a digital closet in the app and add their clothing to see how much your closet is worth in terms of water and CO2. When you buy a secondhand fashion item in one of our participating secondhand clothing stores you can scan the QR-code provided with you item and check how much you have saved. The water and CO2 you have saved you will receive points which can be converted into discounts for sustainable brands.  


Product description 

Clothes up is an easy-to-use app, where you can find the true cost of your closet. How much you safe by buying slow fashion items and get discounts on sustainable clothing brands. The app will also provide you with facts on the fashion industry and tips on how to create a sustainable sense of style.  


Member description: 

Annejan Pronk – Chairperson, makes sure everything is running smooth and we work well together as a team. 

Thirza van den Bold – secretary, makes notes during meeting to ensure all our great ideas are remembered. 

Pien Petter – contact person, is in contact with potential partners and gets them on board. 

Nikkie Mandigers – editor, revises the work we do to make sure it is of high quality.