The Good Brownies

About The Good Brownies     

The childish longing for brownies just got better, with our new protein-filled, health-conscious bean brownie; your nostalgic feelings for mom's Sunday brownies can be fulfilled. At The Good Brownie we provide our consumer with an innovative and delicious alternative to the usual snack. In fact, our brownie is made mainly with beans and chickpeas which resulted to provide great nutritional value, more specifically protein and fibres.  

At The Good Brownie only high-quality raw materials are used in order to offer the best healthy snack. Moreover, the company is really attentive to the sustainability index, this because we are, The Good Brownie.  

Mission statement  

“We provide our customer with a healthy brownie made from chickpeas and bean. This is for people that would like to have a healthier lifestyle without losing the pleasure of eating a delicious dessert.” 

Vision statement  

“We are an innovative company seeking to introduce an alternative product; our aim is delivering a healthy and delicious snack in the market. Moreover, we are willing to achieve a high sustainability index.” 

Our purpose  

“To delight our consumer with a healthy and delicious brownie alternative " 

Product description   

Our product is a healthy, nutritious, vegan, and sustainable pastry. A brownie made with chickpeas and beans, but with the taste and texture of a standard brownie. Most people would say beans are an unusual ingredient for pastries, however they are very nutritious, having 15 grams of protein and 15 grams of fibres for 100 grams of beans; they are the perfect ingredient for anyone who wants a healthy boost in their snack. 




Involved in tasks: 

Argiun Ankhbat  

Head of production  

Brainstorming, writer, editor. 

Riki Tolotti 

CFO Finance officer  

Financial budgeting, use of excel, market research. 

Alexander Dik 

CMO Marketing officer 

Brainstorming, use of excel  and marketing campaign . 

Eva Mazzon 


Organisation of work, writer, and ideas designer. 

Contact info 

Instagram: the.goodbrownies 

Youtube: Good Brownies 

Email: [email protected] 


Eva Mazzon                [email protected]            +393382666922 

Riki Tolotti                   [email protected]             +393278948885 

Alexander Dik             [email protected]       +31686222136 

Argiun Ankhbat         [email protected]