Pharmacy on Wheels

We are Team 8, a team of junior facilitators from Van Hall Larenstein, that consists of Nathalie Schulten, Nikki van Toor, Caoimhe McGinn, Mila Rademaker and Nicolás Noll. We went on a one-week long research trip to Bulgaria, where we researched the livelihoods of the people in a village called Mominsko. The goal of this research was to come up with an innovation to improve the livelihoods of the people of Mominko. This is how “Pharmacy on wheels” was born. We are excited to share more about our vision, our experience, and our innovation.  

Our experience 

We had a wonderful time on our one-week field research trip to Bulgaria. The village of Mominko is a beautiful little village with some very open and welcoming villagers. It has some basic infrastructure like a shop, a doctor & dentist, a kindergarten and a mosque and a church. Additionally it has a very strong community with a lot of cohesion.  Upon arrival already we were greeted very warmly, and it continued like this throughout our stay. We were really impressed with how beautiful Mominsko is and how happy the villagers are. To be honest, we had quite a hard time finding out about the struggles the villagers experienced. But, after a few days in Mominsko, we figured that the accessibility to medicines wasn’t great. Although, Mominsko seems like a wonderful village to life in, this can be something which can be improved. The lack of transport in the village makes it hard for some villagers to get their medical supplies. This is why we came up with the ‘Driving Pharmacy’ innovation.  


Product description 

Our innovation is a pharmacy on wheels. This pharmacy on wheels is a remodelled van/ambulance that is driven by a pharmacist. It delivers basic medications but also prescription to the people of Momisko and the neighboring villages. It visits the villages once or twice a week. 

Member description 

Nathalie Schulten:  

My name is Nathalie Schulten, I am 19 years old and I am one of the Junior Facilitators for this project. I know that this innovation will help a lot of people! 

Nikki van Toor: 
Hello! My name is Nikki van Toor, 27 years old and born in the Netherlands. I truly believe our innovation can make Mominsko a even nicer place than it already is. 

Caoimhe McGinn: 
Hey, I’m Caoimhe Mcginn, 19 years old and from Ireland. I’m happy to be part of this team and enjoyed our field week in Bulgaria!  

Mila Rademaker: 

Hi, I’m Mila Rademaker, 18 years old and born and raised in the Netherlands. I am really happy that I have been able to work together with this team on this innovation. 

Nicolás Noll:  

Hi, I’m Nicolás Noll, 19 years old and from Germany. I’m very excited about this innovation as I’m sure many people can benefit from it.

Contact information:

Pharmacy on wheels 

Nicolás Noll 

[email protected] 

+49 162 8770420