Brewed by students

Brewed by students is a company specializing in brewing jun tea.
We have a fermentation station that produces 7.5 litres of tea every 5 days.
We are looking to expand this by the end of the year.

Product description

Sugar free jun: fermented green tea with honey. Infused with lemon and ginger
Sweetened with erythritol

Members description


Hello I am Pepijn Holm, I am a first year student from the Hague. I grew up playing hockey competitively, so I’ve been looking for a new challenge. For me, this was food innovation; something I fell in love with in the last few years. Now having the change to design and produce an innovative product, I have found my new challenge. I am looking forward to you trying our product.


Hi I’m Thimon, I am also a first year student, but I’ve been studying for a while. My previous experiences in chemistry studies has given me great excitement to apply this to food innovation. Now I’ve really found my passion and it has allowed me to truly make something great together with Pepijn. Please let me know if you have any questions about the science of our product, I could talk about it for hours!

Contact info

Mail: [email protected]

Phone (Thimon): +31634169676

Phone (Pepijn): +31614274995