About TrailerShare

TrailerShare is an online platform where horse trailers can be shared. The vision of TrailerShare is to create more awareness of sustainability in the equine sector by creating an sharing environment and by decreasing the production of horse trailers. This will be done by providing a secured platform which is easy to use and good working. The platform will be in form of an app which available through the Appstore and google play store.

Values for the customer

TrailerShare is an safe and quick platform. TrailerShare offers the possibility for trailer owners to rent out their trailers in a secure and easy way through the online platform. Also, trailer owners can earn money through renting out their trailer through this platform. For the customers who want to rent a trailer, TrailerShare creates an easy platform where people can rent trailers in their nearby environment and for a cheap price.

Sharing is caring

TrailerShare contributes to the 12th Sustainable Development goal: ‘Responsible consumption and production’. Collaborative consumption is the key behind TrailerShare. By sharing products, waste will be reduced by which in this case means less trailer production. Also, collaborative consumption contributes to the social cohesion of society.

Product description

TrailerShare is an online app whereby customers can exchange trailers that are presented at their personal profile. Filters in the app will help to find the perfect trailer for the owner’s car as well as the wishes of the client. This app allows an easy way to lease a trailer.

Meet the team

The team of TrailerShare consists of five Equine Sports and Business students of VHL. The team is based on decentralized decision making, which is why there is no CEO. Every person in the team has a specific role which is based on interests. Marije van der Wal is head of the Finance department, Isabel Koldenhof is head of the Marketing department, Lincy Snellink is head of the Quality Assurance department, Madelief van de Put is head of the ICT department and Eveline van der Looij is head of the Customer Care department. In the picture, the team members can be seen.