What is Positive Partners?

Positive Partners is a company that wishes to empower HIV-positive people in South Africa. The way the company wishes to achieve this is by using a dating app called ‘Positive Partners’ especially made for HIV positive people in South Africa. By using this app the users avoid having to deal with the stigma around HIV which makes it easier for them to find a partner. The app has a special feature where you can chat with a health care professional specialized in HIV/AIDS to advice users on their personal questions regarding HIV. The company stands for transparency, honesty and also anonymity to create a comfortable platform for its users. The company was founded by a group International Development second year students of van Hall Larenstein Universtiy of Applied Sciences. The company gets its funding with the help of the government of South Africa, banks, and private investors.

About the dating app

Positive Partners is a dating app, for HIV-positive people in South Africa who struggle in finding a partner due to the stigma around HIV. Moreover, it provides the possibility to contact medical professionals to answer HIV-related questions. Therefore, the app focuses on reducing infections in a responsible and safe manner.

Get to know us!

Rienke Siemensma: (Contact person)

Rienke is responsible for good communication between us and possible partners.

Kicki Berry: (Secretary)

Kicki is responsible for the process of our meetings and also keeps formal records of the meetings decisions.

Lena Eijsker: (time-keeper)

Lena’s role is to help the meeting run on schedule by timing each of the participants according to the timings given on the agenda.

Mireya van de Hoogh: (teamplayer)

Strong organizations like ours need team players to perform well and reach our goals.


Positive Partners

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