About Neocare

Neocare, a new start-up company that provides a sustainable shampoo for the equestrian industry. The main advantages of Neocare and the products is the sustainability which is created with a recyclable packaging as well as the 100% natural ingredients used. Overall, the products of Neocare are with the described characteristics not only good for the environment, but also for the horse’s health and easy for the customer to use. Neocare will be set up in Germany and the UG business model will be implied as it limits the liability for the private person. In addition, the unique selling points of this business are the product itself, Innovative designs and forward-thinking products that benefit the user and does not cause any damage to the environment. Through creating a product which does not require packaging like most mainstream shampoo products, we are able to reduce the waste produced. The mission and vision of this company, making sustainability a part of the European equestrian market and combine this innovation with performance and effectiveness. Mission, to produce a care line for horses which is not only highly sustainable (i.e. vegan, cruelty-free, plastic free and waste reductive)

Product description

Neocare shampoo bar is a fully natural and plastic free shampoo bar, it can be purchased with an additional glove that makes it even easier to use, reducing any waste of the product furthering the products life. This product is not only good for the environment but also as it is all-natural ingredients its skin friendly


Meet the team

Nele Schimmelpfennig: 23 years old and student of B.SC. Equine Sports & Business, worked as an international groom for 4 years.  
Strengths: conflict solving, risk management, planning.

Brianna Foster: 21 years old student of B.Sc. Equine Sports & Business, currently doing an ERASMUS exchange program at Van Hall Larenstein.
Strengths: creativity; conflict management; persuasive skills.

Sandra Manatos: 23-year-old student of B.Sc. Equine Sports & Business and self-employed horsemanship trainer. Strengths: organization, decision making, quality control

Laura Tröger: 22-year-old student of B.Sc. Equine Sports & Business (finishing in February 2021).
Currently working as an event-manager and freelancer in online marketing next to studying.
Strengths: organisation, planning, communication, design