About greening


We want to make the city centre of Arnhem flourish with greenery. To do so we need to create more green spots in the streets. These green spots will be owned and maintained by the locals. With the help of the locals the city will look better and can enjoy the benefits of green. Like less heat stress, biodiversity and a place for locals to meet. And by doing so a green community will be created which will improve the social connections of the locals. Not only the locals will benefit but entrepreneurs and the municipality as well. A beautiful scenery will attract more customers to their business and for the municipality maintenance cost are reduced and contentment of inhabitants improved.  


The green community also supports two sustainable development goals. It supports goal number 8 Decent work and economic growth because: We will provide an equal opportunity for work with greenery in the inner city.  This means that all members of the society are included, creating an even greater opportunity for people with disabilities. And goal 11 sustainable cities and communities because: Creating new green spaces will have a positive influence on the environmental impact of the city.  

Product description

The product we offer with the greening community is a membership for the residents of the centre of Arnhem. By paying monthly contributions the residents can make use of green spaces, materials, education and social activities. In this way we receive our income and the residents can join a social group.

Meet the team

Job Lassche

Is working on getting a degree in “management of the living environment”. I understand how to communicate with inhabitants of an area. This is helpful for setting up a community in Arnhem. 

Cato Pos

Has a propaedeutic certificate in “management of the living environment” at Van Hall Larenstein. Therefore, she has experience with communication, greening, planning, policy and arrangement of public spaces.

Louise van Stam

Studying “management of the living enviroment" has giving skills and experience in many areas like communication,planning public space, tackling climate change.

Xander Ras

Studying management of the living environment at van Hall Larenstein. Here we get taught to create a bridge between the people and the city.