Eco wrap your gifts

We are Eco Wrap, a young business developed throughout the study programme “International Development Management” at van Hall Larenstein, Velp. With our eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper, we want to connect the beautiful gesture of giving presents to a positive improvement of the value chain. We provide gift wrapping paper in three different colours that have flower and herb seeds in it, doubling the purpose: The surprise of the gift and bringing a bit nature into their living environments.

What makes our product eco-friendly? Our wrapping paper is made of recycled resources and is dyed with natural products only, creating a fully biodegradable product. The local production reduces the environmental impact of distribution and deliveries. Consequently, we aim to obtain a market share within The Netherlands and move mindsets and the wrapping paper sector towards more sustainability.

We target flower shops and sustainable stores to reach environmentally aware consumers but also everyone else who wants to wrap gifts nicely and create additional value. Our company will sell the products online and to stores within The Netherlands, with the possibility to extend to Belgium and Germany.

We aspire less waste, one present at a time.

Eco Wrap

Eco Wrap impresses with its unique, recognisable look. Made of recycled paper, natural dye and seeds, the soft material will compose once it is planted into soil. The infused seeds vary from thyme and basil to wildflowers, and the 5-50-meter-long rolls will come in three colours: natural, orange and green.

Meet the Eco Wrappers

Louisa Koch, Financial director: Has experience in accounting and worked for an NGO, mainly doing content planning and fundraising.

Lea Richter, Head of planning: Student from Hamburg, Germany with experience in project planning and in working with NGOs.

Sophie Salimkhani, Creative director: Worked for an international NGO and is specialized in rural development and innovations.

Sigrid van de Water, Secretary: Has experience in plastic waste reduction and the circularity of the economy from The Netherlands.