About Droneherd

As a group of 5 International Development Management students we are concerned about both the increasing threat of the locust swarms in Kenya as well as the inefficient and damaging use of chemicals to combat the swarms.

Our drive to find effective, environmentally friendly solutions to mitigate the locust plagues goes hand in hand with the increasing demand of new technological approaches.

After extensive research we have developed the DRONEHERD and set up our business that carries the same name.

Value Proposition

Our DRONEHERDs help farmers who want to protect their crop from the locust plagues by steering the locusts into low value land use and creating an opportunity to harvest and sell them to profit. 

Value and Mission

Our mission is to support the mitigation of the growing locust plagues in Kenya and to save affected livelihoods by offering the DRONEHERD to African non-profit organizations and small-scale farmers. 

Sustainable Development Goals

The locust drone will help achieve a peaceful and prosperous planet by aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals, No poverty, life on land, industry innovation and infrastructure and Justice and strong institutions and Partnership for the goals.

Product description

The DRONEHERD is devised to adapt SMART auto-recognition features to hunt locust swarms by emitting high frequency sounds from an attached speaker, ultimately steering locusts away from essential crops. By including Geo-spatial data, these SMART ‘Locust-trap’ drones, are programmed to attempt to ground the swarms into low value land use.

Meet the team

Hannah Sitte, Team Leader is a 28-year-old student from Germany. She studies Sustainable Value chains and is the founder of DRONEHERD.

Finley Teague, Finance Advisor is a 22-year-old student from England. He studies Disaster Risk Management, has competences in GIS and is very interested in data collection.

Noortje Schrauwen, Media Designer is a 20-year-old student from The Netherlands. She studies Disaster Risk Management and is a creative individual who enjoys working on the design aspects of a project.

Wolfgang Schmidt, Head of Design is a 38-year-old student from Germany. He also studies Disaster Risk Management and has a lot of experience in the humanitarian field.

Lily Verboom, Communicator is a 21-year-old student from The Netherlands. She studies Disaster Risk Management and has an international background as she has lived abroad for 18 years.