Crystie - There is more than taste

Our vision was clear from the beginning. We wanted to create a new experience with our concept of a bottle paired with a flavored crystal. The idea of Crystie was born. A timeless bottle with a refreshing taste that will create interest in the beverage industry. We are committed to sustainability at all levels, the natural resources we use, the way we produce and the way we venture.

The mission is to create a sustainable bottle that can be used on the go, at home, work and school. The crystal will be made of organic fruit and vegetables, using local ingredients for the different crystal recipes.  

We are focusing on the Benelux market now and our long term goal is to expand globally. Creating a Crystie lifestyle for everybody. Do you want to know more about our product and business strategy? Then come visit our booth.  

Product description

The product is divided into two parts, the crystal and bottle. The bottle consists of a screw made from wood; the main body made of glass, and the bottom made of an aluminum ‘push to-click' system. The crystal is attached on the bottom and releases flavor when water is added.

Meet the team

We are an ambitious Crystie team, and all have our own experiences that helped develop this project. Britte van Die is a woman with a multicultural background and an international mindset. Zoë Nijland is a hard-working woman and through her experiences in large companies in Europe, she gained valuable knowledge. Robin Willemsen has strong communication skills and works at a cattle farm daily. Mats Lindholm, has knowledge about timber trade through his work experience in Finland and Sweden. Aaron’s Böhm experiences comes from his internship in Germany and his interests in politics.