About us

“Flavour Bobbs” is a fresh new food company from Velp, the Netherlands, that innovates in condiment presentation and implementation. The current main focus of the company is the development of sphere-shaped sauce bubbles for not only wholesalers and retailers, but also restaurants and catering.

We aim to provide novel aesthetic and sensory experiences while also increasing convenience and sustainability compared to traditional condiment products. Sustainability is more to us than a technical requirement: we view it as an opportunity and inspiration to reconsider the design process and the world around us. We believe sustainability does not have to be inconvenient or less enjoyable, and our Bobbs support that belief.

About Bobbs

Flavour Bobbs are alginate spheres that are filled with condiments, like soy sauce or salad dressing. The little edible sauce bubbles burst in the mouth, releasing a pop of flavor. Bobbs provide a plastic-free alternative to plastic packets and tubes but can also be applied in creative cuisine.


Our Team

Our project manager is Jasmin Alhashemi, who oversees administration and planning. Jasmin also supports the team with her experience in writing, media and concept development. William Ng is our creative and innovative food engineer and oversees the development of the production process. Max Bos is our breath of fresh air, who’s practical and logical approach grounds and supports the creative minds. And our final team member is Philipp Uebele. Philipp has a great understanding of consumer thoughts and behavior. His creativity and critical thinking are essential to the team.