Bargauani Bed and Breakfast

Interviews were conducted with people from Bargauani or with people who work in areas that are interesting regarding to our research. A transect walk, through Google Earth, has been conducted to monitor the current situation in Bargauani. Additional information has been gathered through various tool that facilitate the analysis of the region. The Sustainable Livelihood Framework and two SWOT Analysis have been valuable devices to frame the region and determine the best Innovation. Ultimately, a Hard-, Soft-, Orgware & TEES-Test has been conducted to define the preliminary necessities for an innovation - but why?

The area of interest contains several remote and small villages, located in the north-eastern part of Romania. The mayor has approached VHL to find solutions, in the form of an innovation, for several problems that appear in his region. Most striking was the ageing population, rural exodus of the young generation, little job opportunities and poverty, a lack of trust and lack of infrastructure. Our task was to take the challenge and respond to these problems with an appropriate innovation. In the end, we have developed an idea that deals with most of the problems we could identify and additionally it delivers maximum results with comparably little input.

Bargauani Bed and Breakfast - All you need to know

The Bargauani Bed and Breakfast is an inclusive program with a cross-generation and cross-cultural target group. It will be an additional source of income, cultural exchange and in some cases even provide supplementary workforce. People all over the world will be able to explore the advantages rural Romania has to offer.


Who are we?

The Bargauani Bed and Breakfast Team is a conglomerate of five ambitious students emerging from the middle european development sector. With different cultural backgrounds, ideas and ideals we represent a complementary team striving to tackle challenges appearing in nowadays global societies. Simply put - Lynn, Thomas, Abe, Bastiaan and Robin want to find appropriate and efficient solution to the respective local circumstances. During the time we spent together we have been able to identify and how to utilize best everyone's potential. A good output requires not just smart people but also a pleasant working atmosphere where ideas can flourish and amplify one another. We are happy that our team was able to achieve that status.